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Scream in your face
Ivan Burnev shows some bad attitude!
Monkey business #1

Monkey business #2
Monkey business #3
 love affair #1
love affair #2
couple of sins
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dark mood
psyco killer #1
psyco killer #2

A Play by Martin McDonagh, Translated into Bulgarian by Joseph Benatov, Directed by Javor Gardev, Stage & Costumes Designed by Daniela Oleg Liahova, Music by Kalin NIkolov. Cast: Ivan Barnev, Leonid Jovchev, Pavlin Petrunov, Teodora Duhovnikova. Produced by The National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Sofia, Video Shot - K.Nikolov, Video Edit - K,Nikolov & J.Gardev, Song written by Kalin Nikolov, Song Lyrics by unknown author, Vocals: T.Duhovnikova, I.Barnev, L.Jovchev, P.Petrunov

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I want to thanks to Liana Dimitrova and Max magazine for involving me in this great project.