Vitto Valentinov

DOP: Mihail Novakov
Editing: George Yanakiev
Music: Parallel Concept
Sound: Nick Nikolov

Vitto Valentinov is a visual artist, who works in the field of short films, sculpture and drawing. After graduating from AKI and DAI art institutes in the Netherlands, he returned to Bulgaria and specialized in film directing at Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. His art is often inspired by science, which serves as the primal source of ideas for utopian and dystopian stories.
Vitto’s latest latest project Critical Mass illustrates the dark sound of Parallel Concept’s debut album, released by the label Svetlana Industries. By creating an unusual kinetic sculpture, shot as a sequence from a futuristic film, he translates the sterile, pulsng and dynamic tone of the music into exciting surreal images.
Critical Mass will be presented as a solo exhibition in Shipka Store (23, Assen Zlatorov Str.) as part of Sofia Design Week 2012 (1-9 June). The exhibition covers the whole process of creation – from the initial drawings past the sculpture up until the final graphic product.